Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moving Right Along

It's been a month since I've updated and things are definitely changing. My last doctor's appointment went well. I had my 6 month glucose test and had to drink a sugary liquid to test for diabetes. That was no fun. After waiting an hour, I had my blood drawn, weighed in (16.5 pounds total), and met with Dr. McGuire. Liam's heart rate was at 153 and he measured perfectly. She answered a few of my questions about epidurals and concerns and said after this next appointment in August we would be in there every two weeks. I'm already at my two week appointments with only 13 weeks left to go. I know these last few months will go by so quickly. I'm ready to meet him. I can't get Karen's statement out of my head "It's like meeting someone new that you've already known."

In the past few weeks I've been feeling fairly normal. I haven't been extremely tired or fatigued. It is getting harder to breathe when Liam pushes himself toward my belly button, my back has started to ache after sitting for long periods of time, and it is getting challenging to find the perfect position to sleep in. I have had a few days of feeling miserable as far as stretching and aching goes and have learned that on some days you just feel off.

His movements have now turned to rolls and full blown rotating. He isn't just kicking anymore he is definitely growing out of room. I still can't make out exact body parts but I can definitely feel where he is and can't mistake a foot, elbow, or knee traveling from one side of my belly to the other. I can feel him kicking on my right side and all the way to the left. He is 2 lbs and 14.5 inches long. That's one skinny long baby. My belly is unmistakably pregnant now. People have started giving me the sympathy sweet smile when they notice I'm pregnant and I'm sure I'll be getting the questions soon enough. I can't believe I'm going to be entering my 3rd trimester in a week. The idea of growing a human life inside of me still blows my mind. I can't believe half of me and half of Richard have creating this miracle. I'm getting the itch to hold him now. I can't wait to just stare at him. I had my first nursing dream on the 11th. I don't remember his exact looks but I remember how elated I was. Soon enough he'll be here.

The room is officially painted and furniture is getting delivered tomorrow. My hutch is on backorder but the rest of the furniture will be put up as soon as we get home from vacation. I've picked out my fabrics for the baby bedding. Maria Murdock and Debbie Mynster are so graciously are gifting me with beautiful hand made items for his crib. My shower is on September 13th, and RIchard and I are looking forward to registering when we get home. Things are moving along quite quickly.

Emotionally I'm trying to cherish every second that I have now. I know it will never be the same, people have made that clear, so I am trying to cherish the now. Richard and I are ready to share the love we've found in each other and developed for the past 10 years with someone else. I think it will only draw us closer. I still just can't believe I'm at this stage in my life. It's where I have always wanted to be.

P.S.-This picture is at the last day of my 26th week. I wouldn't normally post my bare belly but since this blog is for my own record I decided only a choice few would see it.

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