Monday, August 10, 2009

10 Weeks and Counting

Today marks my 30th week! I can definitely tell my body is changing. I'm reacting to the heat with swollen ankles and feet. I'm starting to feel nauseated after I eat things. I am having a much harder time sleeping and taking deep breaths, and I am getting A LOT bigger. I think the uncomfortable stage has successfully set it and I will still have 10 weeks OR LESS left or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

I know it doesn't sound fun but I'm trying to remember everything so I can look back on this the second time around and remember even the negatives. I went to the doctor on August 5th and everything looked great. My glucose test came back negative and I had gained right at about 20 pounds. I still can't believe I have room to gain anymore but hopefully I can stick right to 30 pounds by the time he gets here. I think a lot of it is fluid seeing that it's so terribly hot. I start going to the doctor every two weeks now. After mid September it will be every week. I'm getting anxious but can only imagine how ready I'll be to have this child out of me!! I'm ready to meet Mr. Liam.

The nursery furniture is in and set up. The hutch comes in today to the top of the dresser and then I can decorate. After my showers I'll hope to feel better about being prepared. We've registered at Target and are thankful for friends and family who giving our showers upcoming in September. I guess this all is really going to happen.

Liam is still supper active. He rolls and pushes and stretches now more than anything. He still pushes his butt and back up toward my belly button all the time, causing me to breath, and he gets the hiccups about three times a day. I so often wonder what he looks likes. It's still so hard to believe there is a human child inside me. What a God we have!

Well that's the latest update. I get his last ultrasound in 5 weeks and will know then just how big this baby is going to be :)!

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