Thursday, November 26, 2009

Second Month

Liam will be 8 weeks old on Monday. Not quite two months but almost there. He has changed so much in the past four weeks. He has filled out in the face and continues to do so daily. His cheeks are coming in and he is getting some dark roots from all the hair that fell out. He is now focusing on everything. He can follow your fingers and loves to stare and study. He is still struggling with gas but we are working on it. His digestive system is slow. He did this week at (7 weeks) look at me and smile. Although he won't do it for anyone else, he does it for Momma! :) He loves to lay on his belly and loves to kick and jump with his legs. He is amazing us with his strength he can turn his head, lift his head, and hold his whole body up. He has just this week started to go to bed with 5 oz of a pumped bottle around 10pm and sleeps until 3:00 or 3:30 then wakes back up around 6:30. Thank the Lord a routine is starting to fall into place. HE LOVES HIS BATH. He hates to get out afterward but he is now loving to sit in the warm water. I am enjoying him so much. It feels like I am playing house all the time. It's such a blessing to be a mommy. It is hard to balance getting things done between his feedings and nap times. He does like to be held. :) It is a great adventure each day. Now if only I could get used to getting out and about with him. . . :) I have to update his scrapbook and print some pictures out before I get behind! Hopefully I can keep up with the milestones!

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