Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost 3 months. . . .

Liam will be 12 weeks on Monday. I can't believe almost 3 months have gone by. Part of the time is seems to be dragging and then other times the birth and first few weeks are already hard to remember. Liam has stolen my heart for good. He is smiling at everyone and everything now. When he sees Richard he smiles and he reacts to people in such a cute way. He's starting to also respond to "mommy" when he gets fussy. He seems to always calm down when I have him and I secretly LOVE this :)! He is starting to coo and talk to us too. He is using his hands more everyday and is starting to reach out and grab things. He sucks on his hands now because he has discovered the can conveniently fit :). He really is such a joy. He is still sleeping in our room. He hasn't quite gotten the all night sleep down yet. He sleeps for about 6 hours then wakes up to each and goes back to sleep for a few more. I'm thinking though after Christmas we will try him upstairs to see if he doesn't sleep better away from everyone. Mom is crossing her fingers that this works because a good night sleeps sounds heavenly. I do envy those moms who's children already sleep through the night, but then again I had a woman at church tell me that her daughter at 9 months still wakes up 3 times a night. So I'm counting my 6 hours a blessing!

Christmas is in two days. Although Liam won't remember it we will remember it for him. He's had his share of Santa outfits and red onsies. :) We are thanking the Lord for his 11 weeks of life and we are thinking of that baby who came to give us life as we enjoy Liam this Christmas.

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