Tuesday, May 18, 2010

7th Months....

Liam is developing his personality. He is such an observer and boy is he getting to the point where he wants to move so badly! Everything he sees he grunts at. It's a grunt of frustration and intent. He desperately wants to get to things but has yet to figure out how. People have told me to enjoy him not moving but I really want him too. He will be such a happier baby when he can be somewhat independent. He is still wanting Momma and has a bit of stranger anxiety. We broke our second tooth through this week. He has done great on his sleeping. His pattern had been to wake me up every three hours. After ruling out eating to much for gas, not eating enough, teeth, spoiling, and or everything else we just decided that it was either all of the above or a stage. He now is taking two naps a day. One mid morning for an hour and a half and another the same late afternoon. He is still going to bed around 8:30 and he wakes up in between 6-7 for his first feeding and will usually go back to sleep. We started him on a few puffs this week. He has done ok with chewing. It's funny watching him but we will slowly introduce that. He has also loved having oranges and apples in his mesh chewie. I must admit that I'm nervous about anything that might choke him but we are working on that. He's doing great at sitting up. Gets a little wobbly still but otherwise is doing great. He will get up on all fours and rock back and forth with means to crawl but succumbs to his belly. He can rotate 360 degrees though and can roll with a vengeance! :) He is getting so big! No words yet unless you count "hi". Which I swear will always be his first word after he woke up at 4:00 a.m. to his glowworm and said HI outloud! :) I will count it at least!

Things are going well. I'm starting to contemplate when to stop nursing. I just don't know that I'm producing enough but I want to keep the one year goal in mind. I've lost so much weight. I almost feel like I look sickly. Hopefully going to gain some back after the nursing stops. I'm tired still but who's not when they are a mother. It's definitely getting easier, but it's an adjustment that's for sure. I was telling Deb Mynster today that I can't wait to get back some pep in my step and start doing things that I used to love to do. I must admit that at times you feel like you lose yourself in so many ways. But it's worth it when you see his face! I'll find me eventually until then I'll just keep loving on this boy and living by my motto "one day at a time"!

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