Thursday, April 29, 2010

Remember this....

Well I actually have five minutes to myself. Long enough to sit and type. I must admit though that my mind is elsewhere. Isn't it always elsewhere when you have a baby! My mind is already passed washing my face and teeth and is sound asleep in bed. It's funny how I still feel like after I put Liam to bed I need to go to bed myself because I am still never sure what to expect at night. The past week he has done great. He has gotten into this awakening habit once a night for me to roll him to his side. He gets stuck on his belly and doesn't cry for me once I flip him over and he goes right back to sleep but I will be glad when he stops that. Lugging myself up 16 stairs, and yes I count to keep me awake, is hard when you were sleeping oh so good! So here I am distracted thinking about bed but I wanted to mainly post an update. Liam has his first tooth in. I can't remember if I blogged that or not but Motrin, Homeopathic teething tablets, and gripe water have been great. He's done well once it initially broke through but I am dreading a mouth full of these things! He also is trying to reach and move on his belly. Maybe crawling soon. Everyone says oh you want them to not be mobile because then you are exhausted. Well I'm already exhausted and am ready for him to be a little more independent. So I've decided that I'm going to enjoy each stage. I wanted to also write down a few things that I have really used, loved, and needed during his first 6 months.

*Onsies, onsies, and more onsies.
*Long pants/shorts with elastic waists comfort!
*Zip up pj's especially when they are little and you change them at night you can't see those buttons for anything!
*PLENTY of burp rags and bibs. Enough for the first few months of endless spit up which goes away at about month 5 and then bibs for food.
*Mesh netting food holders that Liam has loved for frozen fruits and ice especially while teething
*Boppy for nursing/not supporting him while he sits
*Plastic spoons/bowels/now sippy cups
*bouncy seat/although he doesn't use it now it saved us for 6 months
*johnny jumper/he still loves it
*NUK pacifiers only ones that he loved
*GAS drops/prune juice for constipation
*Bathtub for him/ still in it sitting up!
*Cooler holder to go for babyfood/juice

Those are just to name a few for my record mainly! I also posted one of his new pics from his 6 month shoot! Well update at 7 months! :) Hopefully a first word and maybe a crawl! GOODNIGHT!

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Jessica Polston said...

I'm glad I have you to tell me what I need to register for! I'm excited to go do that hopefully this week!