Friday, April 2, 2010

6 Months

Liam has changed so much from month 5 to month 6. I am starting to love this stage. I've decided I am not so much a newborn person as I am this age. I love that he is starting to interact. This month he has started on rice cereal and baby food. We have slowly worked into a morning cereal with a fruit, a vegetable for lunch, and rice cereal and a fruit again for dinner. I must say it's hard to know what to do about introducing baby food but he loves it. He did go through a stage where he would wake up a lot at night. It was probably due to the new food and because he is a little, well a lot, spoiled. He loves to be held and rocked to sleep. So we are working on that too this month. Putting him down awake. He will slowly get it. If there is one thing I have learned it is to follow the ques of your baby. You will learn his or her personality and likes and dislikes even this early on and you just do your best.

Liam is the most smiley baby. I have been told that about him since he was born but he truly is. He smiles at almost everything and anybody 24/7. His dimples make everyone melt including me. He is also starting to giggle out loud and oh how sweet it is. He hasn't sat up yet, but is almost there. He does although roll completely and sleeps on his belly at night now. It seems like he wakes up a different baby every morning. Richard and I always ask him every morning if he grew up during the night. He is just such a joy. His sleeping patterns are getting better. He is sleeping from 8:30 to about 6:30 now and that is great. He wakes up every once and a while but such is life. We will get there.

More and more I've realized that just when you have them figured out they go through another stage and change on you again. It truly is trial and error day by day and that is frustrating but rewarding. Richard and I are head over heels and can't wait for his next stage!

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My Small World...Rachel Van Kluyve said...

I think Liam's problems sleeping were due to his dairy allergy and the dairy I would consume. Next baby I will be cutting out A LOT! Oh and he didn't finally let us put him down to sleep on his own till at a year!