Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6 Month Checkup

All is well after baby boy's 6 month and 1 week checkup. He is doing great. And just in the past two days has really mastered sitting up! :) It's so cute how in tune with the world he is. Everything and everyone he passes is an opportunity to touch, smile, and interact. He weighs 15.14 lbs and has only gained 2 lbs since his last visit. He is in the 22% for his weight and 75% for his height! Tall and skinny, yes!! He is doing great she says and looks perfectly healthy! We can introduce puffs and more solid like food once I am more confident in him sitting up alone. His laugh continues to melt me. Just for my notes, Liam is having 4 tbs of rice cereal in the mornings with a fruit (Gerber First foods). He has a vegetable at lunch and rice cereal again 4tbs at night with a half a fruit. We are keeping a good schedule as far as three meals a day goes and he loves frozen bananas in his mesh net food holder. He nurses still about 5 times a day. Hoping he drops the 5 am feeding soon! Ever since we let him scream through his midnight awakenings he has slept until his early morning feeding. As painful as that was, it worked! Yes these are all random thoughts and notes but I want to remember all I can for the next one! :)

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