Thursday, March 11, 2010

Into his 5th month....

Well Liam is changing daily. Truly his attitude and personality are changing day to day. I can't believe I can love something so much. He loves to look and absorb everything around him. He recently been grabbing faces and trying to grab and put anything and everything in his mouth. He is still enjoying rice cereal with a touch of apple juice and is talking and laughing more and more. He smiles at everyone. I love this stage he is in. He is still a little leery of men if he is fussy but then again we don't get out much. He loves using his legs and walking from one person to another, with help of coarse. He is starting to suck his thumb here and there and has recently had to cry himself to sleep bc he is a little on the spoiled side. It was heart wrenching for me to listen to him cry but he has to learn to put himself to sleep if he wakes up without mom at his side. So we are learning and growing. I'm learning daily how to handle this new role. It's hard but rewarding! We are dedicating him on Sunday.

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