Tuesday, July 6, 2010

9 Months

It's hard to believe he's 9 months. I probably say that every month but he's only 3 months away from being a year. I must say he's getting to be so much fun. June was a HUGE month for Liam developmentally. He learned to say "da da", which he has decided not to say since, he has learned to sit up from laying down, stand up from sitting down, walk while pulled up, and crawl. His crawl in hilarious. He keeps one leg underneath him and pushes off the with the other. I call it the crab crawl. He is ALWAYS smiling and has only recently been getting clingy right when he gets into a different situation. He adapts pretty well though. We have also started him on people food. He adores green beans. He is still eating oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, but at lunch I try to give him real fruit, lunch meat, crackers, sliced soft vegetables and maybe a sweet potato baby food every now and then. He does great with eating tiny bits of what I eat. I never thought he'd be doing it so early but he is and hasn't had trouble yet. He still isn't sleeping all night. One night he will sleep all night and the next he will wake up randomly around 3 or 4. He has gotten into a pattern of sleeping till 7 though, which is nice and he does take two naps a day, a long morning nap and late afternoon nap. He's pretty by the books right now. Just developing his personality. He's thrown a few fits when he doesn't get his way but I've started saying NO NO and he immediately stops and looks a me funny. It's hard not to smile. He sure does love his Mimi. He squeels for her everytime he sees her. We took him to the beach at the end of June. He loves water of any kind and did great. The first thing he did was put sand to his mouth, of coarse, but he quickly realized that wasn't for him! Other than that he is a happy baby. We are still exclusively nursing and go for our 9 month checkup next week. I think he's around 20 lbs now and as long as ever. I've got a precious sweet baby. His demeanor is much better than I expected and he is always happy. Here's to another month!!

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Brittany said...

Seriously, he is so so cute. His dimples are heart melting. I cant wait to meet him!