Saturday, August 7, 2010

10 Months

I can't believe we are only two months away from Liam's first birthday. I always tell people that some days fly by and some pace like snails but when I think about a whole year ago it does seem to have gone fast. The only time I get to sad about it is when I look back at pictures and videos of when he was so small. Jessica had Sophia this past week in the room beside the one Liam was born in. Holding such a small baby definitely brought back memories. Although I get saddened sometimes, it is so exciting to see what he will do next.

Liam is now very mobile. He has yet to walk but can pull up and cruise on just about anything. You will see in the pictures that he has become quite the adventurer. His new favorite word is UP and he will use it often as he heads towards the stairs. He loves to sit on the steps and will be content forever doing just that. He still has the one legged crab crawl as I like to call it, but I'm just waiting for the walking to come any day now. I know he will walk before a year. He tries to stand up on his own often falling on his face and will stand for a few seconds before he decides to sit down. It won't be long before my world is turned upside down with a completely mobile baby.

Right now he is cutting 5 teeth. Poor baby and poor momma! We've had a few rough nights but have survived with some pain killer and a lot of nursing. So thankful I still am able to comfort him when he's hurting. There were a few days there when he wouldn't take a bottle or anything but me. I was thankful then yet again for nursing!Speaking of nursing. He has yet to be sick ONCE, thank GOD! I know it has all to do with nursing, my humidifier each night, plenty of fluids all day, and care. We are thankful. He is going to his next doctor appointment in two weeks. We are a little behind on schedule.

So when he's done cutting these 5 teeth, he will have 7 teeth. He hasn't needed those teeth to eat though. He is eating just about anything soft I put in front of him. He will eat anything! Vegetables he seems to LOVE! We aren't seeing any signs of pickiness at all and are thankful so far.

His words now consist of "da da" "UP" "ba ba" and I think we are even adding BOPPA! He only will mumble MA MA when he is really upset. But hopefully it comes soon.

He is developing his personality more everyday and just this morning discovered he could clap :). We've been patty caking all day :). I think right now he has my personality with a bit of Richard. He is pretty laid back and sensitive and is very quiet and observant. He always has been. He is a sweet baby boy!

He loves to play in the refrigerator, dishwasher, cabinets, stairs and anything he can get into! We play choo choo in the laundry basket and he now loves for daddy to chase him. I pray I can remember all these times.

Our problem areas are still revolving around SLEEP. By sleep I mean lack there of on some nights and problems napping without needing to be nursed. He recently has refused the pacifier, maybe because of his teeth, but it sure is difficult to get him to nap now without it. Where he used to be able to be held with his paci, now he screams. So we are working on nap time. I have been successful so far today. I just have to be consistent.

I'm also trying to focus on weening. I am really trying to nurse 3 times a day and next month want to cut to just 2 times, morning and bed time and then in his 12th month we will just do night time feedings. The problem is he still wakes up around 4 or 5 am and wants to eat. He nurses and goes back to sleep. SO I am not sure I can drop that feeding until he sleeps a bit better. A good night is 8:30-6:00 without one awakening. We have been thrown off lately with these teeth and him waking up once or twice at night. He wakes up around 6 and wants to go back to sleep an hour later and then takes two more naps during the day. I just wish he'd get more out a night. I just keep telling myself that this too shall pass and I will feel normal again with sleep. A lot of people have told me that after they stopped breast feeding they felt so much better and more like themselves. I am hoping for that. I am ready to definitely feel more like myself. I still feel like I left my brain somewhere else. I feel like so many moms just get this parenting thing like it's nothing and I find myself struggling to keep up, find myself, and find time with Richard without just wanting to sleep. Just seems like I'm surviving right now. Guess that is how it goes most of the time. Praying next baby is a sleeper and when I say next baby, I mean three years away next baby!

Other than surviving :) and loving on my baby life is good. I am thankful. This baby boy is changing daily, I am learning, and I can't wait for the next stages. We are going to the beach again a week from Saturday and hopefully Liam will like it even more now! :) Exited to see what he thinks about sand second go around. Excited to watch my LIAM!

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