Sunday, September 5, 2010

11 Months and We have a WALKER!

Already 11 months old! I can't believe he will be a year in less than a few weeks. This past month Liam has completely fallen into his personality. He still is the observer and views his surroundings and those in it to a tee. He is starting to not like it when he gets his way and has now mastered the yes and no head shake to tell me what he wants and doesn't want. He also claps and plays patty cake on command. I often hear him wandering screaming "da da" as he searches for Richard throughout the house. I haven't heard any new words other than his normal jabber but he does know exactly what a ball, an apple, a drum, and a hairbrush are. He even will brush his hair. I must say that he is a smarty :). He entertains everyone with his smile and really is the happiest little guy.

He has become pretty independent too. He still LOVES to retrieve his apple out of the fridge himself and will carry it around effortlessly while taking tiny bites and speaking of bites, he hasn't yet turned down ANYTHING I put in front of him. He loves to EAT ANY AND EVERYTHING, veges and all. I am blessed in that sense and I really think it's because I have always offered him such a variety from the very beginning. My mom did the same with me and my sister and we are the farthest from picky eaters. So I am glad Liam has followed suite.

Right now Liam's favorite toys are his big ball and anything the plays music or he can shake or bang to make music. He has become of fan of himself and what he can do :). He loves to push and throw his ball around effortlessly and bang Boppa's drum. That ball is what got him crawling and actually I think it is what helped him start walking too. Yes, he is a WALKER.

At 11 months 5 days Liam started walking, out of no where. On Wednesday he had been using his ball to stand up with and would stand for 5-10 seconds on his own. We thought that was a big feat. Then on Thursday he stood on his own and took one tiny stumbling step to the floor and boy did I think he was brave then. But then on Friday, I stood him up and asked Richard to grab the video so I could catch him standing and low and behold he WALKED 6 steps or more to me in the living room. We were floored and you can tell my our reactions on video :). We had no clue he would do that. He hadn't even mastered standing on his own. It just happened so fast. So now he is pulling himself up and taking 15-20 steps at a time and walks more independently but still results to the crawl because it gets him where he wants to go faster. I must say it is so cute to watch him toddle around and sway back and forth to keep his balance. :) I'm proud of him although I know this means my life will soon change. I'm just blocking of the areas I don't want him to go and letting him roam.

He also loves to play horsey and will push my back forward grip my shirt and jump asking me to hoist him up and let him ride. He also has gotten into "Love biting"! I am pretty sure it's his mouth bothering him but he won't bite anyone but me. He will squeeze me and then bite me almost out of excitement but I am pretty sure it's because of his teeth and hopefully it won't last long!

I haven't had to face any major disciplining yet. He knows the word no and does get his feelings hurt when I have to use it. He is obsessed with turning over the dogs water bowl. I will catch him within inches and he glances around making sure the coast is clear or else he has a guilty conscious and then he goes for it and dumps it everywhere. He loves to splash and play in it! Man it's a mess but I'm sure it's a stage and positive it is just one of many messes.

Liam has just recently worked into a decent sleeping routine. We had to let him fuss a few nights to put himself back to sleep but he's pushing his wake time to 7 or 7:30 which is awesome. So we are hoping he keeps it up. He still wakes up around 4 occasionally but I'm so used to sleepless nights that it feels routine. I think that has been the hardest part for me is the lack of sleep. Totally makes you feel unlike yourself. But hopefully with this new pattern and him walking more he will sleep better. I can hope right?

I recently took over Nursery Assistant at TDF. I feel like that's where I need to be and where I am most of the time anyway. Liam still has separation anxiety but we are working on it. I figure the more we are there the more he will get used to it so that I can sneak out randomly.

Other than that Liam is the joy of our life. Parenting is one challenge after another but all worth it when he kisses your face and hugs your neck. We recently did some spring cleaning, dejunking, and I am planning Liam's train themed first birthday :). We are excited to be with friends and family, especially Aunt SARAH, and celebrate his day! :) Till next month.

Last Dr Apt at the end of August: 20.1 lbs 30.25 inches long! 85% for height 20% for weight! Like father like son! Oh and we still don't have much of any hair. I looked back at videos of me 4 months older, its uncanny how much he looks like me, than him and I had a Lot of dark hair. So crossing my fingers it starts growing like crazy in the next few months!

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