Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My One Year Old!

Can't believe we made it already to the one year mark. We just celebrated Liam's first birthday this past week and had a great time doing so. Tuesday, his actual birthday, Richard and I took him to the zoo. He had a great time being outside and especially enjoyed the playground area for babies of his size :). I think we will definitely be getting a membership next year. That night we had both of our parents over for a tiny celebration.

Saturday was his big party. We had about 25 people to Cherry Creek Clubhouse and had a great time. Liam's party was "train" themed and I took the time to make all sorts of banners and small touches with trains. You'll see them below. I bought 50 colored balloons, which were Liam's favorite, had subs fruit rotel and pasta salad, played a a video of Liam's first year that I made and had a great time with friends and family. Even Sarah got to come in and we were thrilled over that! :) Liam behaved perfectly :). It was a special time just as I had imagined it would be. I'm so glad I took the time to prepare and was proud of myself (which I never say) for pulling it off :).

As far as this past month, when I wasn't consumed with planning, Liam hasn't changed to much. Although we swear he is getting more hair but I think we are just telling ourselves that. He has started to express himself more and more with his voice trying to say things, babble if you will. Not to much developmentally has changed in the past month. He is really into putting tops on things and putting small objects behind and inside things. He also mimics certain things I do for ex: this morning I was vacuuming inside the couch cushions and he followed behind me with an attachment doing the same. I can tell he is going to be mommy's helper for sure. He also starting giving real kisses just last night. He pokes his lips out and Richard was thrilled when he got, yes count them FIVE in a row! :)

His sleeping is really improved. I can ALMOST and I say ALMOST count on him to sleep through the night. Ever since I stopped nursing him at night, nursing period, he has slept! WOW, next baby no milk products for me! Weaning has been easy to no issues with me. I'm glad I made it a year but now I know for next time how things will pan out! Back to sleep, a perfect night for him is 8:30-6:30 although he still wakes up and wants to go back down an hour later. His morning he slept 8:30-5:30 back down at 6:30-8:15. Every since I've stopped nursing he has changed. GO FIGURE. My child was allergic to dairy I know it. We are still having trouble wit his "exema" as the dr. calls it under his eyes but when we go in next week I'll ask again. Overall I'm starting to feel a bit more like my old self. More organized, on top of things, even feeling a little inspired lately. IT feels GOOD.

We are loving the new changes each day brings. So thankful to have Richard home with us. So richly blessed. Link to pics of party.!/album.php?aid=2119303&id=52701664

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