Friday, December 3, 2010

14 Months

So much about Liam is changing. He continues to capture our hearts with his curiousness and delight. There really is nothing like viewing the world through a child's eyes.

Liam continues to get himself on a pretty good schedule. Still eating any and everything three meals a day plus snacks. Sleeping about 10 hours each night and still taking two 1 to 2 hour naps during the day. I like the predictability. It's nice for a change. This past month we have accomplished the unthinkable. Liam now officially goes to bed and takes his naps without being rocked. We literally lay him in bed with his milk or juice, but hey it's still on his own and he goes to sleep without crying. This is a HUGE step for us :). He will talk himself to sleep or play sweetly in his crib and I truly think it is due to routine. I started putting him in his bed before being rocked only at night to tell his "animals" goodnight. He has about 5 in his bed with him. We did that every night just for bed and before too long he would just lay himself back with his milk and blanket. I would sing a few songs to him and slowly leave the room. Then we tried the day naps once he got the night time routine down and he did it without hesitation. Now my son BEGS to go to bed. He starts to get fussy and we ask him "Liam are you ready for bed" to which he shakes his head YES, makes for the stairs, climbs them and reaches with both hands whining to get up in his bed. It's AMAZING for me and Richard to know that yes this child can sleep all night and yes he can put himself to sleep. We worked a year at this no sleep crying thing and it has paid off :). Thankful but in a since sad the rocking is gone.....

Liam also has said Mimi this week and truly understand just about anything I ask him. He really has caught on to MOMMA and says it with such intensity that it melts my heart. I just love hearing it from his lips :).I think he's smarter than the average 14 months old, but I am biased :). Next we have to tackle nursery and getting him to feel comfortable enough there to be left. One feat at a time!

Going to bed on his own has been our big feat this past month. We also put up our Christmas decor only to discover Liam loves the BALLS, as he calls them, on the tree. Our tree has ornaments about halfway up and is empty below. Maybe next year will be a bit better. Just going with the flow on this and not putting out as much this year.

Trying to keep Liam occupied this winter indoors is going to also be difficult. He is into everything and so BUSY! My mom bought him a fisher price small slide that we are keeping inside that he loves but other than that and taking him to stores, I'm out of ideas. He is just at the age where he wants to explore but it's to cold out. Guess he will be bundled up and play outside or we will just be bored and survive till spring.

Life is continuing to pass us by. Another year coming right at our heels. Thankful for this past year and the lesson's I've learned about myself and my family. Praying for new opportunities and doors to be opened and praying for a healthy safe and happy new year for all those I know and love.

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Staci said...

Cornerstone Church has a huge indoor playground that is free to the public everyday from 11am-1pm. That one was a lifesaver for us in the winter. Storytime at the downtown library is also a winner. They have puppets and its a very cool show. Pump It Up in Mt. Juliet has a preschool pop in playtime during the week from 10-12 and 2 years and younger are free. Another place that we love is PeekABoo Playtown. There is a charge for that one but it's awesome. Just some suggestions to get you through until spring! :)