Sunday, January 2, 2011

15 Months

We are almost at the 15 month mark and on to the new year! 2010 was full of life with little man and full of adapting to being parents! Thankful we made it this far, ha!

Liam had his second Christmas last week and he really did enjoy himself. His favorite part was passing out the gifts mainly all to his Boppa. He didn't quite understand why there were so many gifts and was quite overwhelmed with all the toys but we kept him at bay and he behaved well until nap time! Next year I am sure will be quite a different story!

Liam continues to keep on his same schedule. He sleeps 9-7 and takes two naps a day early morning around 10 and late afternoon around 4. I like the predictability. :) He is cutting new teeth, molars I am pretty sure and has recently had runny nose and cough. We have still yet to figure out his eye/eczema allergy. I was thinking it was wheat and Dr. Don said it was was well but without wheat it sill flairs up. I'm hoping to switch pediatricians soon and get this figured out! It's been the most frustrating thing not knowing what is causing the skin under his eyes to flare up. It could be an endless amount of things. Hopefully an update on that soon when we go for his 15 month checkup. Which I need to schedule, man I am terrible! I put it off because I dread the shots :). We put off a couple of his shots so he doesn't get more than two at each visit. I just don't think it's fair to make a child have more than 3 shots at a time. I could hardly handle that. So they had no problem putting them off for me most of them aren't required till the child is 3.

As far as overall health, Liam up until this date has never been sick. I'm not counting the runny nose from teething that we battled with an elevated bed, suction, saline drops, and humidifier as sickness so we've been blessed. But just these past two days we've been battling a cough. Going to call the doc tomorrow but he has no fever and a runny nose. I'm sure it's his teething. I can feel two teeth popping through and I see many more coming. With my luck he will have 5 or 6 at once like the first round. He has had this top and bottom 4 for what seems like month. So I know he's really hurting from new teeth. Hoping it's drainage from teeth. Going to reelevate the bed, pump the humidifier, let him take 1/2 tsp of honey to coat his throat, a steam bath, and last but not least some vicks on his feet with socks :). These are the mommy remedies I've found. We will see how it goes.

Liam still says Momma and Dada all the time but his favorite word is still Boppa. He currently loves "The Fresh Beat Band" on nickjr and any form of music! He loves bubbles and still seems to love Momma the most. He's playing shy again from everyone but has his good and bad social anxiety moments. His most recent act is to make me notice his Boo Boo after he gets hurt and have me inadvertently kiss whatever it is that he hurt :). So sweet. I can tell that within these next few months his vocabulary is going to double. He tries to say so much! :)

Still enjoying mommyhood, more and more the older he gets! Trying to focus on our goals this year and get moving, exercising, growing Richard's new real estate brokerage, writing, and being the best mommy for Liam. All Lord willing that is! :) Happy New Year!

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