Monday, February 7, 2011

16 Months

I really feel like this post should be titled discovery. It seems like Liam is discovering something new every day. Something new to get into that is! I guess that is how it is at this stage of life but it's really enjoyable to watch.

Right now he is cutting four molars, two top and two bottom. Still sleeping really well and generally goes to bed between 8:30 and 9. He usually will sleep 12 hours and has cut himself down to one long afternoon nap. I like having the long 2-3 hours break during the day. Although I wouldn't really call it a break. Today I mopped, did two loads of laundry, picked up, emptied dishwasher, paid the bills, did my yoga video, and am actually writing a blog while watching the snow come down like crazy! Squeezed in a lot during nap time today.

Back to Liam, he is really into balloons right now, or BONS as he calls them. He loves to find them in books and draw them. He also is making the cutest elephant noise whenever he sees an elephant or hears the word on TV. It is so cute. He constantly says Momma, which still melts my heart every time. He says it with such love. It really is sweet and I will cherish it now because I know soon enough it won't be said with such sweet sentiment. He still gives me and occasionally others Eskimo kisses but mostly mom :). He also says a new word almost everyday and still loves his blanket, or his BA, for bed :).

Our hiccups are still the bottle for bed time and the nursery situation. I'm not going to stress over either. Liam has never taken the pacifier. He soothes himself to sleep with some juice in his bottle. It was the easiest way for us to transition after a year of nursing. Yes, I know it is a bad habit and bad for teeth etc, but it works and we will slowly ween it off. But after having no sleep for a year, I'm not about to ruin what I've got going. The nursery thing will work itself out too. I have to be down there anyway and am ALWAYS needed do to lack of volunteers and the new baby BOOM. So he will eventually learn that I am down the hall or will be back. I'm learning not to stress so much and just go with what works. My new advice for new moms. Do what feels right and go with what works for you two not necessarily the way everyone else says it needs to be done.

He's growing so fast. I'm sure he is at 25lbs now. He was 23.14 at his last doctor's appointment and is 33 inches tall. He is taller than most 2 year olds we know. I have a feeling when we double his height at 2 he will be breaching 6 feet as an adult. Tall like his daddy! :) We've also got him on a great shot schedule now. I feel more in control. If you look over shot records and timing you will see that babies don't need them all at once and most shots can be put off months or even years. Doctors just like to cram them all in. So we took the two at a time approach and he will be done soon for a while.

Our new outing during the week, usually twice, is to Pump It Up in Mt. Juliet. It is a HUGE warehouse full of blow up kids play areas and he loves it. It is free for children under 2 years old and from 10-12pm is toddler play time. It has been a great way to get his energy out during this snowy winter, and I have gone with a few friends too. Liam always has a great time.

Well that's about it for me and Liam. Richard however, is staring a new real estate brokerage and being backed by a few investors. He's going to have his OWN new office in Mt. Juliet and we are earnestly praying this will be successful and a good move for us a family. Just praying the doors continue to open like they have! It is one exciting new adventure for my hubby.

Till next month........


Kelsey said...

Love Liam!! He looks so busy! Haha. I'll be praying for you guys and the new office! That's great, Rachel!

Jessica said...

Rach, he is precious!!! I just love those pictures of him. I will be praying for you and Richo and the new office. Exciting but scarey at the same time. Can't wait to see you again for girls night. :)

Anonymous said...

He is soo cute! I cant believe how big he is now!!! Still keeping you and RIchard in my prayers during this big decision time!!

My Small World...Rachel Van Kluyve said...

Thanks girls! I appreciate the prayers and will keep you updated!