Thursday, March 10, 2011

17 Months

I can't believe I'm already due another blog post. Well what isn't there to say about much is changing daily that it is hard for me to keep up. He can just about grasp about anything I tell him to do now. He is getting into anything and everything out of simple curiosity and I'm actually going to have to start coming up with things for him to do maybe some sort of daily activity (craft time, reading time, food time, nap time, outside time) something because this child is getting bored and so is his mother. Sometimes the days DRAG by! It doesn't help when you have one day of 65 degree whether and then a day of 45 degree weather. Outside inside outside inside. I'm ready for hot days of sprinklers and time outside.

Right now Liam is cutting 8 teeth! Yes, I said 8! Four molars and four eye teeth (the worst I hear)! He has had the low grade fever and runny nose thing for a week now. I'm associating it with the teeth. They are no FUN! His nights have been a bit messed up too because of it. 1/4 tsp of dimetapp the doc says for conjestion and some tylenol for fever. The kid has lived on it for a few days! This to shall pass right.

Liam's vocab these days (Momma, dada, boppa, nonna, CeeCee (cindy), Kis (Chris), ouch, UH UH (uh oh), shossss (shoes), Hat, hot, bubble (perfectly), house, ball, tteettt (teeth), brush, STUCK (my fav whenever he is in precarious position), boooonnnnnn (for balloon, his favorite and yes it is drawn out like that), bane (airplane),

He still blows kisses, gives great hugs, kisses on the lips when he FEELS you deserve it, falls asleep in his carseat (never has since infancy), loves to try and jump, is testing me some with hitting for fun, gets his feelings terribly hurt when someone other than mom tells him no, loves to color (boooonnnsss of course), loves to put car keys in the doors to try and open them, did I mention get into EVERYTHING, loves runnning and running naked after his bath, and his newest venture throwing things down the stairs ex: his whole sock drawer one sock at a time! Needless to say I've learned to let go of a lot of my analness, is that a word! If he isn't dying or bleeding right ;)! Life of a stay at home mom!!

I'm posting a few pics of this little guy! ON to next big one and half year old!

In other news Rich opened his real estate office offically, Regal Realty Group!

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