Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A little late....18 months

A few weeks late on this update. It's so hard to keep up with how fast he changes. I think between his age and 2 years old things happen at warp speed.

Liam's last doc appointment went well. I want to note, for myself, that he has all of his teeth. He has had them for about a month. So at 17 months my child has all his teeth. That is until he hits 2 or 3 for those last set of back molars. Can I just say HALLELUJAH. I thought we would never make it through teeth. Especially when he would get 8 at a time! He is 34.25 inches TALL for his age and 26 lbs. He is still taller than all the 2 year olds we know and although he is just as big, you can tell he is lacking that 7 to 8 month coordination that his older friends have. It's quite comical to watch. Jumping, running, climbing, and rolling are all apart of his daily routine. Oh and boo boo's are more and more common as he learns these new found skills he has. IMPROVEMENT: The constant whining has slowed a great deal. He has learned to communicate by pointing, using his words, and dragging me, by the finger to show me what he wants. He's even learned to drag other bi-standards out of manipulation when momma says no :).

His words increase daily. MOMMA still seems to be his favorite word. It seems like a broken record at times but everyone comments on how sweet his little voice is and how sweet it sounds when he says it. His Momma does really come out with heartfelt love!

He is still greatly obsessed with Bubbles, Balloons, and now sugar free POPS as he calls them. He also loves to say ON. Everything needs to be ON. The vacuum, which he uses once a day, the lawn mower, the tv, the computer, the phone. Everything is ON! Some new words are Pop, up, cup, down, blank (blankie), book, look, ttttt (truck), SH (shoes), dog, moon, star, and my new favorite PLEASE. Oh I have been coaching him on that for months and finally I asked him if he wanted something, said "say please" like I always do, and when I looked down at his face he said PLEASSSSE with a tiny lisp. Oh how it melted me. We cheered and clapped for him and he thought he hung the moon! He did a little dance and everything. Wow, he could have had anything he wanted that day. He is great about using it to now too.

He is still eating well this month and rarely turns down any food I give him. He is still sleeping good and usually still takes 1 long nap 2-3 hours a day unless he gets up to early and then he will take two. Momma likes the one LONG stretch of a nap but I can't be picky right? He still uses a bottle to go to sleep with at night. No pacy, no boob, but yes bottle. It's hard to transition a baby you've nursed for 12 months every night before bed. We had to do a bottle since the pacy was obsolete with him but this too will pass and he will grow out of it. I plan on breaking him of the BA BA right after our beach trip. He needs it for our NIGHT flight to NC.

He is hysterical when he puts his finger over his mouth and says SHHHH. Where he got that I'm not sure. He still loves to play peek a boo and will jump up from his crib in the mornings and yell BOO Momma! :) His new favorite outside love is the lawn mower. Anything outside really but Boppa took him for a slow ride in the yard on his lap and now he is hooked on getting at least one ride in on a a pretty day. Ah, the little things and yes, I still find myself doing just about anything to keep him entertained.

Right now our house is a disaster and with Liam it is even that much more difficult. We are pulling up all old flooring, carpet/laminate, and laying beautiful dark flooring. It's amazing how it transforms your house and I've needed a pick-me-up and it's doing the job. I'm having to push aside my inner self, the OCD clean house wife, and look at the final picture. Hopefully when it's all said and done that final picture will come complete with new furniture, new decor, freshly painted baseboards and trim and a whole new look for our house. It's about time!

I wanted to mention the destruction because this week Donna took Liam for the day while I was ripping up carpets and pulling nails upstairs. Although I didn't get to have a day to myself relaxing, I actually did have the first full day EVER to myself. I was so anxious about it at first but it definitely was worth the anxiety. I learned that yes I can have a day to myself and feel ok about it and yes I can feel like my old self! Where have you been old self? Hiding? Ah, Rejuvenation is key! I might just have to try that once a week! :)

This is a busy week in our house, Easter, Sarah and Chad coming, house under construction, and more but I'm thankful too! Thankful for a husband I get to be with daily, a wonderful family that loves me unconditionally, the excitement of my little boys face when he OHHH and AHHH's over the smallest things, friendships, and a savior that died for me, one that has forgive my transgressions! :) Happy Easter!


Jessica Polston said...

So proud of you for leaving him for the's like me finally getting her in her crib! Once you do it it's like, why haven't I tried this before? :)

Anonymous said...

I bet your floors are going to look FABULOUS!! Must post pics when it gets done!...also, glad you had a "you day" those are always needed! Have soo much fun with your family! HAPPY HAPPY EASTER!