Monday, May 30, 2011

19 Months

Hose Time

Liam's curls and temper!

Liam is about to turn 20 months next week. 20 months sounds so old. Pretty soon we won't be even counting by months. It seems like I always say this but I'll say it again. He grows a little more everyday. His words are a new everyday. His reactions and his emotions are new. I'm really starting to know him as a little boy and not so much a baby. :( It so strange but I can barley remember him as a baby and that wasn't to far back!

In Liam news, I think we are breaching the terrible twos. Not so much the terrible twos just the I wanna do everything myself twos. He is so independent. I don't have the laid back child that will go anywhere, entertain himself, and just be chill. He is the total opposite! He is learning what he can throw fits now in hopes of getting his way. He has been in time out two times. Cried the entire time :( but understood exactly why he was there.

I asked my 19th month old to not hit mommy when he gets angry and that when he was done in time out he could come say he was sorry and give me a hug. Did I expect him to understand any of that, no but when I told him he could get up the first thing he did was walk right up to me smile and hug my neck!! Tear right! He understands so many things. I feel like he is a little advanced but that could just be because I am biased :). I've figured that time out will be a decent method for me. Until he grasps what he has done fully. Time out before spanking. I am having a hard time when he hits me telling him NO HITTING and then spanking which is hitting him. It seems so contradictory, so we will try time out until he is old enough to feel threatened by a spanking.

Little things come to mind this month. He loves to be outdoors more and more. Loves to pick up the cicadas that have invaded us! YUCK! He loves to play in the water and will play with the hose for hours if I let him. His hair has even started to curl up in heat, which mine does too! So cute and so blond! He really is a very loving boy. Always wants to hug everyone. He will say your name hug your neck and turn to the next person in the room, say their name and hug their neck. He repeats the hugging at least 10 times.

He has become obsessed with Toy Story 1, 2, and 3! We bought him his own Woody that he loves and the second he wakes up he asks for BUUUU which I have found out means Buzz. Just the other morning Richard tried to put him in bed with me when he woke up, he threw a fit and kept pulling my finger saying MOMMA. He wanted me to get up. I always ask him to tell me why he is upset and he looked me dead in the eyes and said WOOO, WOOO, with such intensity. I said do you want to watch Woody. UH HUH with a yes shake of his head! :) He is grasping so many things. I've decided he can understand anything I tell him but he can't communicate what he needs in return. It will be so nice when he can finally get it out. He gets so frustrated some times which leads to those fits I previously mentioned. Patience is really a virtue with a toddler.

For my own record. I've found that explaining everything to even a one year old really helps. Constantly pointing to objects to tell him what they are, explaining what I am doing step by step, telling him I am leaving the room to do a certain task but will return, really does help him understand. He now points to what he wants and doesn't get upset at the things he would have before. It really helps to explain things to them show them things and talk to them. They aren't to young to grasp what you mean.

He is still doing ok with his sleep. He is taking 3-4 hour naps during the day! I know it's awesome! Depending on his nap he sleeps from 9-7:30 or so give or take a 30 minutes. He is still eating really well, everything in site and more often than not will side for his broccoli and green beans over anything else on his plate. He still loves popcycles and the occasional dumb dumb.
Overall his newest behaviors are his fits :) and his way of communicating and believe it or not this age is getting cuter and cuter!

In other news our remodel is almost done. We laid new floors, painted every baseboard, redid our stairs to hardwood completely (WORK), painted the bedroom and a few closests, got some new furniture, and are slowly starting the fun stuff, decorating. I can't tell you how stressed I've been for over a month with my house in shambles. It feels good to have my head above water now. Hoping to get everything decorated and settled this week. Rich and I leave for IKEA tomorrow. A day trip just the two of us! Looking forward to it. Until next month.

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