Tuesday, July 19, 2011

20 and 21 months!

He's a big boy now. That's the only
way I know how to describe him. Over the past two months we have experienced so many new things. We've been on vacation. He has discovered a plethora of new words and is just such a joy to be with. Over the past two weeks has he really turned his own language into words. He started his baby jabber again and now it is full blown words. It blows me away to hear him out of no where say broccoli or Maggie or face, just the most random words that I've never heard him say are coming out daily. He is learning how to be more independent and for the first time this weekend he played with his friend Maggie alone in her room. They were sharing pretend food and carrying on conversations. Laura and I even caught them hugging and kissing :). It starts early! :) It just so surreal to see the baby become a boy.

He's really gotten into his night routine more and more to. He requests a book after his bath now and before his nap and although it is the SAME book he wants to read, he refuses to go to bed without reading it. As soon as we are done he waves good bye to the book and gives Richard and I each a huge hug, Eskimo kisses and a kiss on the lips, and then asks to get BUP as he calls up into his bed. We sing him our song and then our prayer, he gives us both high fives and off to bed he goes. I've been telling him things in bed right before I walk about about what he has to look forward to the next day. He smiles and repeats it back to me and more often then not in the morning he wakes up remembering what I've told him and asking for it. So smart. In the mornings he has resorted to calling for us each MOM MOM MOM MOMMA, DAD, DADDY repeated times till he realizes we are coming. His whining has slowed down some because he isn't as frustrated as he used to be because he has the ability to tell me a few things now. Yes, my high maintenance child is becoming a little more manageable. I say that with utmost love. He isn't one of those laid back children who will go with the flow. He is a high maintenance never slept well active busy needs attention kind of baby. So now that there's a hint of independence I've feeling more refreshed :).

A few fun thing's he is doing now. . . .

  • He is saying AHHHHHH after sitting comfortably or drinking something. Like he is refreshed and replenished.
  • He has started using Richard's IPAD for all his games. He uses it like an adult, clicking the home screen button, picking his games out of a folder, and playing the ones he wants then going back to the home screen to pick out another one.
  • He loves to Picking out colors. He does great with Yellow, blue and red. And he loves to go into our closets and pick out shirt colors.
  • He still is into drawing and using his markers and has really taken up play-dough.
  • Richard and I starting leaving him with each of our moms two days a week. He really enjoys his time getting spoiled by them and Rich and I enjoy the break.
  • He's really into jumping off anything really. He will dance when he hears music and is still obsessed with having a Popsicle here and there.
  • He still eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and will on most days take at least a 2.5 to 3 hour nap.
  • His bedtime is around 9 usually and he wakes up like clockwork around 7:15.
  • He loves to be scratched and often times asks for he leg, arm, or back to be scratched.
I'm attaching a few beach pics from our big vacation. Although it was great to see all the family it was TOUGH with Liam. He was an angel on his first flight though. We left later in the evening and he was great on the plane. I bought a few new treats each flight and he had fun playing with each new toy. Thank goodness it was only an hour flight. As far as him being at the beach it was hard for him to adjust to 13 people, new big twin bed, time in the sun, and just a new schedule period. By about the 4th day he was getting adjusted and settled and then two days later we left. He was really whiney and boy it wasn't much of a vacation but I was thankful to be with those I loved and I have just resorted to knowing that vacation with babies is just relocating with a prettier view! :).

I can't believe we have a big two year old coming up. Looking forward to a toy story themed party (since he LOVES ALL THINGS BUZZ and WOODY) and Sarah's wedding in November, which we are all planning! :) Till next time, and hopefully I'm not behind.


Kelsey said...

Great post Rachel! You said it right there--vacation with a baby is relocating to a better view. Not really a vacation at all! But it's worth it. Great pic of the three of you! You look beautiful!

Teri said...

I love reading about you and your sweet family! Liam is developing such a sweet personality and I cherish the sweet pictures Casey took of him the weekend before I left. Love you friend!