Thursday, August 25, 2011

22 and 23 Months TRANSFORMED

Liam continues to make me smile with how much he absorbs and changes. I do have a really smart kid I'm sure of it :). He's so observant and even now watches us when we are telling a story about him to someone else and makes comments at the end. Below are some of my favorite moments from these past few months. You hate to ever forget them...

Right now Liam Says "hold You" when HE wants to be held.

Tonight 8/25 we took him out of the bath naked and he was brushing his teeth when he said pee pee and we sat him on the toilet. He didn't go, brushed his teeth and again he says pee pee and we put him on and he WENT. He asked and actually went @ only 23 months :). Proud moment! Since then he has continued to want to sit and flush and will occasionally go. He is getting there. I'm not pushing him I just occasionally ask and always have his potty available in the downstairs bath.

Right now he repeats everything we say even my big sighs ughhh. He spilt water on accident I rushed to get a towel and he said UGHHHH with a big sigh because he knew I was going to say it! He mimics everything. We have to watch everything we say including GEEZ and SUCK which I will no longer be saying. TIME TO watch our words!

Liam also grabbed Lulla's tail tonight and said wee wee ;) after which I had to describe that her tail is not a wee wee.

He is definitely starting to play with his people and toys like they are alive. Calling them names like Amy (his new crush @ church) Making them jump and run etc...

He is starting to make sentences. He ran to me in the laundry room and asked for his B (blanket). I told him I was busy and that his blanket was upstairs in his bed and that he needed to go ask his daddy to go to get it ;0) clever right. He ran from the room "Da-yee Day-yee". He ran straight up to Rich and said. "B stairs (pointing to them) up, please". Completely took my command and explained it to Richard. That was so cute.

This past week at church I taught his Sunday school class. There was a little fight between two babies and one ripped a book from another child's hands. Liam went straight up to the little girl who was mean and shook his finger at her and said No No. I hadn't Liam use the word No until then. It was funny. The he raised his hand and rubbed her head after that. I though oh no, is he is going to hit her? No, he rubbed her head almost as if saying "it's ok that you were mean but next time you need to be nice. Since that episode he has seen the little girl and as soon as he saw her he pointed and said MEAN. He was telling me that was the mean little girl. HA! I will have to try and explain to him that she's still nice.

In the past two days everything is prefaced with an "I" and a song. "I clean, I clean" (the kid loves to clean) "I crazy, I crazy" (from Gabba) and we have just taught him "I cute"!

He knows almost all his colors. We practice on M&M's which he calls m's. He can point to each color and tell me what they are.

Update: Our days our mostly filled with outside, garage playing, visiting grandparents, napping, eating, and watching NEMO at the moment. Trying to occupy an almost 2 year old day is TOUGH. I always feel like I may not be doing enough for him but I'm doing my best and that's what is important. Got a few busy months coming up. Consignment sales, his BIG BIRTHDAY, Sarah and Chad coming in town and then the BIG wedding not to mention holidays shortly thereafter! :) Busy Busy. Just glad to take a few minutes and write some memories down!


Jessica Polston said...

Not to mention he is doing SO much better interacting with all of us when we are around him. I love that he will play with me when we go over whereas before he just wanted to be with you! He has such a sweet little personality and is one crazy kid! I love him and love you!

My Small World...Rachel Van Kluyve said...

Thanks Jess, he has come a long way! Love you too!