Thursday, October 6, 2011

24 Months- Happy Birthday Liam!!

An Honest Moment. . . .

There are days when I feel like Liam's been 2 for years, when his infancy seems so far away that I often feel like the past two years have been a big blur. Then there are days when I feel like I deserve a metal for having survived the baby stages and days when I well up with tears over not having appreciated his tininess enough. So goes the every tugging and pulling emotions of motherhood. Constant ups and downs. Times when you don't think you could possibly love anything more to the total opposite emotion of you wanting to pull your hair out when you are tired of him screaming and whining at you which subsequently spins you into reminiscing about the times you were BORED without a child. Then there are the emotions that make you constantly doubt yourself. Is he eating healthy enough, is he learning enough, am I exposing him to enough, does he know already how deeply loved he is? Questions upon questions. Really, am I controlling how this child will develop and how he will learn and love others. As mothers, parents really, we do mold them completely!! Talk about pressure. Once these feelings start welling up inside me, my heart jumps in well the holy spirit and says "Just love him and love ME and the rest will fall into place." And so I continue to love him unconditionally and fall back on the idea that I will never be perfect but I can be perfectly in love with Liam. Oh the journey parents take on. Thank you mom and dad for doing it for me!

Liam news. . . .

Liam is officially 2! I guess I can't keep using his age in months as my blog title anymore. We have had a rough week thus far. Liam caught his first stomach bug. His first sickness really. Nothing more heart wrenching then watching your baby throw up and not being able to fix it for him when he asks "mommy, go way" as he points to his throat. Translation: Make this burning go away in my throat! Rich and I stayed up most of the night getting him settled and well. After 24 hours he bounced right back, but it sure wasn't fun! Then he passed it to mommy! Oh joy! But we are on the mend. Note to self: don't let your child drink a lot after he or she vomits. SIPS of liquid only. Hello!

On Liam's actual birthday we took him to the zoo. We took him on his 1 year birthday and decided to carry on the tradition this year. The pictures above are a comparison of his first year birthday and this year. He really has grown. He liked the zoo too this year. Although the animals didn't interest him as much as pushing his stroller, throwing some mulch around, and playing on the playground. Oh well, there is always next year. We followed up the birthday with dinner with the grandparents. We even Facetimed with Aunt Say Say so she could watch Liam open the present she sent him. A HUGE play tent with balls. Thanks Say Say for the messy toy that takes up my whole living room. :) Meanwhile we are planning his big party for Saturday. It's Toy Story themed and outside at my parents house. We have a big blow up bounce house, corn hole, coloring and chalk stations, and a bonfire for smores. The weather is going to be great so we are excited for him to enjoy a big outside party. I'll be sure to follow up with pictures.

Liam is starting to want to use the potty more and more. I haven't quite dove into it because I want to get Sarah's wedding perfectly planned and over before Liam needs all my attention to go potty. That and the big boy bed are waiting until the holidays. I've had a lot on my plate lately and I don't think I could handle all that right now.

In other news, Liam officially knows all of his colors. Anything you ask him he can tell you exactly what color it is. I'm pretty impressed myself. We need to start working on the ABCs now. It really does pay off to just talk to them constantly and tell them things as you do and see them. They do listen! I'm loving that he is communicating more and more. He can really tell me what he needs although those terrible two moments sure do sneak in. The screaming and fit throwing wow! I just try to stay calm and get him to express what is upsetting him and if all else fails, time out happens. It does work actually. And he says he is sorry and we move on. Learning to discipline is another hard part of mommy hood. But learn as you go and keep loving. I will keep that as my motto through this next year of his life. Nothing is as bad as it seems right?

Bring on the terrible (yet Fun) twos! Happy Birthday to that little piece of my heart that walks outside of my body! I love you Liam!

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