Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Journal... may be TMI beware! :)

January 22nd, Tried Conception Today!

January 23rd, Still Trying to Conceive!

February 12th, I cannot believe this is my

I've missed my period for four days now. I'm assuming I am pregnant. The first two test that I took were negative, but I bought the cheap ones and don't think I took them right. I'm going to take another one tomorrow morning. I've had nausea but no vomiting. I've had horrible lower abdomen cramping, like I would have had on my period, tender breasts, and an overall weird feeling. I can't believe when you find out your pregnant you are already four weeks. Richard and I are anxious to find out just exactly if I am pregnant, we will see!!

February 13th, The Most Amazing thing Happened!

The first few tests I took were negative. I think again it was because of the less sensitive brand I took and because I took them on the day of my missed period. Well today is Friday and I took the final one of the pack. Immediately the pregnancy showed up! So there is no denying it! I am PREGNANT! Richard is working out! I'm going to have the video camera ready when he gets home! :) I did wake up with some brown discharge. I hope this is normal. Right now, I feel nauseous but that's OK! Last night I was secretly elated to myself. I know my body and new I was pregnant! I don't think it will sink in until I hear that heartbeat!!! Lord bless this child as you knit him or her together in my womb.

February 16th, First Appointment!

I'm going to my first doctor's appointment today! I'm just meeting with the nurses and getting blood work, an exam, and all the pre-visit over with. I'll find out the due date and how far I am :). I feel great, as long as I keep eating!

Well, I went to the doctor. I am official PREGNANT! My urine sample was positive. She said it was faint at first but then popped right up as positive. We went over questions and concerns. She drew my blood (a lot of it) and then set me up for my next appointment to see the first ultrasound at 8 weeks and hear the heartbeat on March 9th. So in three weeks, we can see our "Little one." Rich and I have named it that so we can have something to call he or she for the next 16 weeks. I have to say when I left here I was all SMILES. I am just full of joy! We have decided to wait until after our March 9th appointment to tell anyone. We want to make sure the baby looks healthy. My nausea has gone away. As long as I eat every few hours all day long, I am good to go. She prescribed me two prescriptions for nausea incase it gets worse. I am praying that I continue to feel good so that I can enjoy this special miracle growing inside me. What a blessing.

February 18th, Blood Work

Today my doctor called and left a message on my phone. I was very nervous when I saw the call. The nurse had told me they would call if there were any problems with my blood work. Of coarse I assumed something was wrong when I saw that I missed the call. Well I wrong. The nurse just told me that all my blood work came back normal every test they ran was perfect. She also said that my thyroid was normal, which was a relief and it means the medicine is working. She told me I was (O+) and that everything was great. It was a great relief to here. I have felt great the past few days and just now I feel a little nauseous. I pray that I continue to feel well. I think what I am most leery about is telling everyone. I just don't want to. Isn't that weird! I pray that changes too!

February 20th, BLAH!

This morning, I woke up with a sore throat. Just what I need, huh? So far, today has been the most sluggish day. I feel so tired and crappy. I think it has to do with the cold symptoms I have but also the baby. I have yet to throw up, knock on wood. I'm so nervous it will get really bad, but I have read of woman who already can't keep things down and who don't even want to eat. I still have my appetite, more so than usual, and if I eat all the time throughout the day, the nausea seems to be somewhat contained. Again, knock on wood. I think today I just feel under the weather because of this cold or something like a cold I have picked up. I did look at more baby names today. I am still partial towards our few originals. We will see if those change, even though they haven't in years. It's crazy to think I can even be looking at names, but I still want to think about a lot more names. I have the time! I wish my first trimester was over. I wish my family and friends new and that was blown over, and I wish that I knew what this new miracle was inside of me! A lot of wishing! :) Today I just plan on hopefully running a few errands and relaxing with my husband tonight! :) Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow. I'm supposed to help Carrie with some things for Mayer. Do you know how hard it is to not tell your best friend who is pregnant that you’re pregnant? I just want to wait until he's here and she has had her moments! :) Did I mention I am still as nervous as ever to tell people? UGH I hate unwanted attention

March 7th, Feelings up Until Now.

I've been wanting to write about my feelings and what my body has been going through up until now and I am just now finding the time to do so. I will be 8 weeks on Monday. Richard and I go to our first ultrasound that day and get to see the "little one" and hear its heartbeat. We have been counting down the days until this. I think it will be even more real once we see and hear it. It will seem real then. As for the past four weeks, I haven't felt bad to my surprise. Since I've always been the one with the weak stomach, I figured I would be the misfortunate one who was always throwing up and have a miserable time. I even have a few friends who would always say how bad it would be for me. Ironically enough, knock on wood, it hasn't been bad at all. I have my moments where I feel sick to my stomach but as long as I never reach the hunger stage, I'm good. I've had to eat something every 2 hours to feel fine, but as long as I do that I'm not sick. I do feel exhausted and at times it will just take over me. I'm hoping that morning sickness won't just creep up on me after 8 weeks. I'm going to ask the doctor if she thinks that it will just appear. I'm just praying that I'll continue to feel this good. SHOCKED though that I feel remotely good. Blessed! Symptoms so far: 1. Extreme bloating to where I look pregnant. Here one day gone the next. 2. Moments of nausea that is dispersed with food. 3. Two moments of faintness/vomiting spells that did not happen. I think they were caused by waiting to long to eat breakfast and working out and getting to hot in the shower 4. Some dizziness 5. Overall exhaustion. 6. Sore breasts! 7. Discharge/two days at 4 weeks of brown spotting. Gone since. Not a worry though. Normal. 8. Moments of anxiousness about telling the family and carrying a baby. 9. Emotional lows and highs. Cry baby! 10. Dry mouth/stuffiness every morning. 11. Thirsty A LOT 12. Weird skin irritation. 12. Minimal crampiness. SO there you have it. My 8 weeks in a nut shell. Overall I feel surprisingly good. SO good that I won't believe there is a baby in there until I see it on Monday. Praying it all goes well.Carrie still hasn't had her baby. Don't want to tell anyone until she does. I still don't want to tell anyone period. I just loathe the attention and reactions. Scared for some weird reason. Not the reaction I thought I would have to getting pregnant. So we will see. Maybe after Monday I will feel better about telling everyone. I will wait on Mayer though. Maybe at 10 weeks.

March 9th, First Ultrasound

Today was out first ultrasound and it was amazing. I went in and actually had already gained 1 lb. I guess that is because I am eating every two hours so I don't get sick and am bloated. It seems to be subduing, the sickness, so I will sacrifice my body and gain a few lbs to stop from throwing up. Anyway, we went in and Richard got to meet Dr. McGuire. He loved her. I can't believe that she actually did the ultrasound and stayed with us in the room for so long. She treats me like I'm her only patient and I truly love that about her and her office. She is so caring and wonderful. I know I'm in good hands. Well she did my annual PAP before I got to preggo and then did my first ultrasound on my tummy. She showed us the baby and the heart beat. She said it was PERFECT baby. It had separated from the sack perfectly and had connected to me perfectly. The heartbeat was amazing to hear 156 beats per minute. Then she asked if I wanted a vaginal ultrasound because we could see the baby better. Of course I wanted too. We then saw the baby clear with little arm and leg buds starting to form and a perfect little 1.54 cm bean :). She laughed when she came in because she remembered me telling her that I wanted to get preggo in January and sure enough I did. She also laughed when she measured the baby crown to rump and he/she was exactly 8 weeks. My planning paid off. She also said it can take a healthy couple 8 months to conceive. So Richard and I are truly blessed. She answered my questions. Said I could eat lunch meat and travel and to relax and try exercising again after 12 weeks. She said to do yoga or palates to stretch myself out for labor. She was wonderful and we left carrying out first baby photos with us. Richard was so excited he could hardly stand it. He asks to see the pictures every night before we get in bed. I love him! He says he knows it’s a girl. I hope he’s right. But will be blessed with either or! ☺ I will write more soon. Glad the first apt went well. We are "planning" on telling next week!

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