Monday, March 16, 2009

The Pregnancy Story of "OurLittle One"

In October of 2008, Richard and I decided to get off the pill. I spent three months preparing my body for conception. Preparing in a sense that I charted my cycles and started immediately on Folic Acid and Prenatal Vitamins. Once I realized that my cycles were normal and ovulation was easily chartable,  we decided to start trying. So on the weekend of January the 23rd we began the process. I have to admit, during those three months I couldn't fathom the idea that we were going to make a baby. I went back and forth on the "Am I ready" thoughts, and we prayed a great deal about it. In no way was I ever scared to raise a child, just unsure about the whole process. I finally told the Lord that if it was his will we would get pregnant and in return had a great peace. I always had in the back of my mind that conception can take 6 months to a year for a healthy 25 year old, and I was never sure quite how long it would take me. Little did I know that the first time was a charm :). 

I have to say that the anticipation after that weekend was unbearable. Having to wait two weeks to see if you are pregnant or not is really tough. You just worry about if it worked and are fearful of disappointment. It's all that is on your mind. I started having normal cramping around February 8th and 9th. I was supposed to start my period on Monday the 9th and it never came. On Wednesday I bought a package of test and decided that I would take one. The funny part was trying to pee on the stick. I felt like I was doing it all wrong. The first test I took came up negative. I was a little disappointed, and felt like I was let down but decided that if my period didn't come it wasn't going to come and if it did we would try again. I ran a few errands and when I came back decided to look at the test one more time and when I did there was a faint line across the pregnancy side. I got a little hopeful and decided to take one more test. Well I did, and it came up negative as well. So I decided to wait a few more days before I took the final test. My period never showed and on Friday I took the test. Richard was out and I set the video camera up and had it in my hands when he came it. He screamed "NO WAY" and reacted just how I thought he would. It was a sweet time. 

So the secrecy began. We went to our first doctors appointment at 5 weeks and they drew what felt my liters of my blood and confirmed my pregnancy. I was reassured when they called that I was indeed in good health, O+, and my thyroid levels were perfect. Everything was on the right track. We waited three weeks until our 8 weeks appointment. During that time I was expecting myself to be super sick, but instead, I was pleasantly surprised. I have felt all the normal symptoms and side effects, but I have yet to get SICK! Knock on wood. Me, the one with the weak stomach who can't eat a lot of sugar, red meat, or cokes, hasn't gotten sick. It's very ironic. My doctor had even given me prescriptions for nausea pills, and I have yet to have to take one of them. 

At our 8 week appointment we had our first ultrasound. We saw the little bean as I call it and got to hear the heart beat. 156 beats per minute. I will post a pic soon. It was a blessing and a comfort to see and hear that everything was ok. She told me that now would be a good time to tell everyone seeing that miscarriages drop to 5% after 8 weeks and hearing a healthy heartbeat. Richard and I left the doctors office thrilled. He was begging to tell the world, but I wanted to make sure Carrie had Mayer and her time wasn't stolen by our news. 

Carrie had Mayer early Monday morning and we told both our parents Monday night. We bought them each a baby outfit and a picture of the ultrasound. We played it off as being an anniversary gift for my parents. They were so shocked and unbelievably happy. We caught it all on video. It was perfect. Richard's parents came over later that night and we showed them what we got our parents and they were beyond floored to. We called the extended family to. My favorite two reactions were from my aunt and Richard's grandfather Henry. My mom told my aunt that we had given her an ultrasound to which my aunt responded "Oh great, of what?" Henry also said "Are you telling me your wife is expecting?" They were thrilled once it clicked but those were by far priceless reactions. 

The news has been quickly spreading since. We told all our friends and I will never forget each of their reactions. The scream out load from Jenny in Subway. The screaming through the phone from Jess and her nervous knotted stomach all night at bunco, the "I just am so excited" from Carrie one hundred times, and oh the "I am crying, bless my heart" from Casey. Everyone's reactions were sweet and perfect. I must even say a few people were pretty good with their intuitions. Claiming they new way in advance. Its been exciting and a little overwhelming, but I am thankful that so many people are happy for us! And more than thankful that the news is out! So the journey begins! :) 

Below is a post of all the journal entries I had before I blogged. Just a step by step journey. I want to have this so my friends who will be getting pregnant sooner than later can see how it feels. It was a pretty lonely time there for a while. So this is mainly for my memories and for my friends. :) 

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Jessica said...

I love reading the updates on your journey! I'm so glad you are blogging about it!! =) You guys are going to be such GREAT parents!!!