Sunday, May 10, 2009

16th Week

Here's a pictures of what a baby looks like at 16 weeks.

I'm coming to the close of my 16th week. I am heading strong into my 4th month. It really does seem to go by fast. Well at least at times. I am ready for it to though. This week I've experienced a lot of firsts. On Monday, I started feeling movement for the first time. I might have been feeling it a few weeks ago, but I officially recognized it as being the baby this week. It feels like tiny popcorn inside your belly. I just love to imagine what it's doing inside there. :) Everytime I sneeze, it moves a little :). Wednesday night (5/6) was the first time that Richard felt it with his hand. He was to cute about it. He was grinning from ear to ear, and I was laughing at him because he kept saying "shhhh" "shhhh"! I asked told him it didn't matter if I was talking or not and he said it helped him "concentrate" more if I was quiet. So every night since then we get in bed together and his hand travels right to my belly. To me the baby is most active mid day and right when I get in bed. That may be because I am sitting long enough to notice it moving but it is a fun treat at night for the both of us. Physically I've been feeling pretty normal. I've just started getting those side muscle ache's from the streching today. It feels like I just worked my abs out for hours. I guess it comes with the streching, but it's not a lot of fun. It's hard seeing your body change so much. Get ready girls it will all be different! Other than feeling tired at times, I'm doing good. Only 10 more days until we know what this little one is! I am ready for that! Ready to see this baby again on ultrasound too. It's comforting though feeling it move now. I'm still finding myself a little leary of all the attention. I'm not one who likes attention in the first place and it seems that's all I'm getting. I know it will only get worse too. I'll take it in stride! We are going to try and narrow down our names this week so that we can have our name to anounce when we find out what we are having. :) I got a few baby gifts this week too:) A bottle warmer unit, some stuffed animals, and a swaddler. I can't imagine what the first grandchild will rake in :). Poor spoiled thing. Well today was my first Mother's Day. It was exciting to hear. Sometimes I'm so ready to meet this little life and at other times I'm trying to soak in all my quiet moments with Rich :). Oh the wave of emotion it all brings. It truley takes over all parts of you but as everyone says "It will all be worth it."

On to week 17! I can't believe there are 40!

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Jessica said...

How exciting!! You must be thrilled that you can feel the little one move!