Thursday, April 30, 2009

15 Week Appointment

Yesterday was my 15 week check up. Same ole' same ole' though. I got weighed, got a few questions answered, and heard that heartbeat on doppler. That is always comforting. At first she couldn't find the heartbeat and said the baby was just moving to fast for her to catch it. Then she realized that she needed her other wand that that measured shorter depths. She said because I was petite I didn't need the deeper depth wand. So she went and got the shorter one and immediately there was the heartbeat. Fast again first starting at 159 then jumping up to 163. I asked her if she thought girls had higher heart rates and she said that in the last trimester girls almost always have higher heartbeats. She said that is why delivery nurses can guess what your having by the heart monitors. She said it's hard to tell when babies are this small and that most babies at this stage measure anywhere from 150 to 160. So we will see. I also have still only gained 3.5 pounds. I was sure I had gained more but nothing yet. She said that she's seen some mothers not gain anything until after 6 months. So I figure that 3.5 at 4 months is pretty decent. I can definitely feel my uterus moving up. It's to the point now that Richard can feel it too. It starts real low and is slowly making its way toward my belly button. I think have have felt a few different movements but she said that most mothers don't fully recognize a baby kick until around 18 weeks. She said I may be feeling something but because I haven't had a baby before I could easily mistake it for gas or simple rumbling. Since all your organs are being shifted around it's easy to feel anything weird at this point.  So we find out in three weeks what this little one is. Hopefully I will really narrow down some names in that time frame. I'm hoping to get a baby name book I can mark up soon. Once we find out what this little one is the room and everything will start taking shape. Then the excitement builds even more. I'm trying to post a video of my baby's heartbeat from yesterday but it won't up load, I might try later. 

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