Monday, April 6, 2009

12 Weeks Today!!!

Today marks my 12th week and my 12th week check up. I was expecting to get weighed this week and hear the heartbeat by a doppler device, but I was gladly mistaken when they told me I would have an ultrasound. My wonderful doctor told me that she prefers giving a 12 week ultrasound over using a doppler because sometimes its hard to find a heartbeat at 12 weeks and she hates to scare mothers when she cant find it. So she gives her mothers the reassurrance they need and that she gave me. The baby was moving and active as ever. Our "little one's" arms were moving and head was moving. The heartbeat was 162 and it measured 5.34 cm. I have heard that girls heartbeats are higher, but I have friends who's boys heartrates were just as high. So we will see. I have gained 3 and a half pounds in the 12 weeks, and I am feeling good. The nausea really hasn't bugged me in a week or so as long as I eat. Things are good. Richard wasn't at this ultrasound. He is at the Master's and I miss him terribly. He was so upset that he missed this becaue like I said we weren't expecting the ultrasound but luckily we chated earlier and I got to show him everything. He is so very excited. It makes me love him that much more. Well that's 12 weeks. I'm ready to feel this baby! Only 6 more till we know what it is! I'm thanking the Lord for the blessings He has already given us, and looking foward to the future.

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