Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Money Pit is starting :)

Well I've paid all of two bills so far just for lab work and already paid $300 bucks :). The actual bills were close to 1000, but with insurance I had to pay 20%. That's only after the first set of lab work! :) Just wanted to inform everyone to save up for babies because when the bills come in they come in. I am going Monday to settle all the bills overall. Should be interesting. No one tells you all this stuff. I'm figuring on about three grand out of pocket with a normal delivery. We will see.

Today was beautiful outside. I just didn't really feel like enjoying it. It's amazing how truly unlike yourself you feel. Honestly just an overall BLAH feeling would suffice. No energy and no motivation have all been apart of this 11 and a half weeks and that is so unlike me. I'm ready for some change!

Richard is leaving Friday for a week :(. I don't know if I can stand it. I never like it when he leaves but being pregnant makes it so much worse. Hopefully it goes by faster than fast.


Amanda Marie said...

That's one thing I can say for military health copay, no paying for lab work bills and really no paying for delivery. Just a small chunk. We paid less than $300 for the whole thing.

But I felt like I had sub-standard care so I think you are quite lucky in that way.

Hopefully it won't be too hard on the wallet though.

I know what you mean about feeling very blah too. In less than a couple of weeks, you'll feel totally different...oh the roller coaster of pregnancy!

My Small World...Rachel Van Kluyve said...

Yeh that was nice of the military! I love my doctor more than anything! She is wonderful beyond words. She actually does all my ultrasounds with me. So I will cherish that side of the experience. :) We have saved just for this little baby :)