Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's A BOY!!

I have to say that last Wednesday was an emotional one. I will go ahead and admit that I was bit sad to hear it was boy at first. I had secretly hoped it was a girl the entire time and Richard's hope for a girl added that much more to the disappointment I felt when I first heard the news. It was an emotional ride home to say the least. I was feeling guilty for being upset about a boy, feeling nervous about the idea of raising a boy, and a little shocked to be honest. I guess I had always seen myself as having girls. The appointment/ultrasound went wonderful. I have gained 7.5 pounds so far and Dr. McGuire said I couldn't have a more perfect baby. Every thing measured well and he is developing perfectly. She said he was actually measuring a week ahead because of how LONG he is. Since his daddy is 6'4, I sort of expected that! She also commented on his second toe being longer than his first, just like Rich's ;). Below is a link to the ultrasound....


Needless to say the shock has since wore off and the idea of a baby boy has begun to set in. My parents were ecstatic seeing that my dad has never had any boys around, and he was even more thrilled to find out his middle name was Morgan after him and his father. He even cried a little for me :). Everyone else's reactions were wonderful. My sister screamed at the top of her lungs and my friends were really supportive and sweet. I'm excited to raise a boy with Carrie. Hopefully Mayer and Liam will be great friends!

If I could chose the gender of my children it would be a baby boy first. I will get my Liliana Rose one day :) She'll be a wonderful joy but this baby boy will be the perfect first addition.Everyone has told me that raising boys are easy and less expensive and that its good to have that older protective brother first. I have to insert a note my wonderful friend Corrie wrote me about having a boy. After reading her letter I was so relieved and have since gotten secretly excited about the idea of having a sweet baby boy who loves his momma. Below is her letter.....

With a boy, you will have this connection-- can't really be explained-- that is so tender and precious. He will light up your heart. With a girl, there are times when you would feel in competition with her for Richard's affection (at least I used to) and sometimes you would miss being the only girl in his heart. But having a boy, you are giving him an HEIR...Many couples try over and over again to have that first boy, and you are having one the very first try!! This boy will be a Van Kluyve for the rest of his life, and will be Richard's legacy. Boy's are also easier than girls-- emotionally, and with clothes, etc...and although you are looking forward to doing all the girly stuff with a daughter one day, boys are an easier way to learn how to be a mommy..honestly. Then when you have a daughter, you will have a lot of the difficult new experiences already under your belt. Not only that, but I have two older brothers...and let me tell you...I wouldn't trade that relationship for ANYTHING. Stan, especially, has been a rock in my life and I cannot imagine not having a protective older brother!! Now, when you have a little girl, she will have an older brother to protect her and drive her places before she gets her license and fight off her suitors and...and...and... The list is endless. Not only that, but one day your son will be an adult himself, and when he looks at you with such love and devotion, you will be reminded what a miracle from God he is. There is a friction you will feel with a girl, emotionally, that though you wouldn't trade her for anything, can be very frustrating. You won't have that friction with a son.

She always makes me feel so much better. So the planning begins. After telling everyone about the news and letting the news sink in, I am ready to start getting ready for this little guy. I can't wait to see his room finished and imagine him being in it. I'm going to try and enjoy these last few months with my hubby though because I know it will never be the same. I am looking forward to the change though. I think having a family will draw us that much more together. We are already talking to him and singing to him. He will have to get used to the idea that his parents are crazy, crazy in love and crazy about him :).

So here's to our baby boy, that will be spoiled rotten, dressed to the max (thanks to dad), and deeply loved. :)

I love you Liam Morgan already more than you know!


Jessica said...

I was hoping you would have a girl too, but deep down I knew it would be a boy. :) I want a boy, for the exact reason that your friend said...I am so afraid that I will feel like I have to compete for my husband's affection and I NEVER want to have to do that, especially with a child. I know that people say its not like that, but I just don't know. The idea just scares me to much. So...someday I hope I follow in your footsteps and have a precious little baby boy!

Jessica Polston said...

What a sweet letter from Corrie and what a sweet friend she is. I'm looking forward to meeting that little Liam and don't worry, the spoiling will definitely be happening, especially from his Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ben! :) I love you and Rich and I love that little boy already! :)