Monday, September 7, 2009

34 Weeks

I am officially only 6 weeks off from my due date. Last doctor appointment went well. Gained 2 more pounds putting me at 25 pounds now. I'm still thinking I'll top out at around 30 pounds. We took the tour of Summit and got to see the baby floor and where we would be staying. It made everything seem a lot more real. As far as symptoms go at this stage. I'm getting tired. I really don't want to stand for long periods of time and it's really difficult to breathe. Liam still moves constantly and has the hiccups sometimes four times a day. She said he will most likely have them that many times out of the womb too. FUN :)! It's hard at night now. I'm waking up almost every two hours from discomfort. It seems like every way I try to lay I get sore, have to use the bathroom, or can't breathe. I'm continuing to have my Braxton Hicks and I go in next week for our last ultrasound. My two baby showers are this week too on Saturday and Sunday :). I'm excited and thankful for those who love me enough to help. Once I have those things cleaned and put away, I will feel so much better about things. Things are moving along. I can't believe I'll be having a baby next month! :) I can't wait to see you Liam!

Richard continues to be very sweet and supportive. Everyone is overly protective and Richard still talks constantly to Liam calling him his buddy. :) I'm starting to get the "wow your really showing now" "that belly is sticking out" "I think it's grown in a few days". Oh the things people say. I have learned what not to say to someone who is pregnant!


carrie said...

Love you Rachie!! Hang in there!! He is almost here and it will be the most amazing moment!! Call if you need to complain. :)


Jessica Polston said...

I can't wait to see him and can't wait to hold him and can't wait to spoil him!! He's almost here and I am just sooooo excited! Can you tell? ;) Hang in there have done so great with this whole thing and still look beautiful as ever! Love you!