Monday, September 14, 2009

The Latest

I thought I would share quickly what has happened over the past few days. I started having some minor cramping Wednesday night that continued all day Thursday and into Friday. I had both showers this past weekend and was a little nervous about the cramping I was experiencing. So after I called the doctor she suggested I go into Labor and Delivery and get checked out for peace of mind. I debated it ALL day and finally decided around 5:00 that we should go in. Once we got there and got settled, I was hooked to a fetal monitor and found out I was contracting every 3 to 5 minutes. I then got checked and was almost 2 cm and 80% effaced. To my shock they told me that I needed to get the labor stopped seeing that I was not even 35 weeks yet. After a series of three shots of, a drug that stops labor, I was sent home but not before a long visit with the trash can on the way out. Needless to say it was no fun. I was terribly upset seeing that I had two showers upcoming.

Saturday morning I woke up with the same cramping and called the doctor. They prescribed me the pill form of the shots I had been given. The shots/pill both cause shaking, dizziness, and heart racing. I was not feeling to great but managed to make it to my shower with my high school friends hosted by Jessica Van Trease. It was an amazing shower and I am so blessed to have them. Then yesterday I had my TDF shower and was beyond overwhelmed with everything I got. I even had to leave the shower for a bit because I was feeling so bad, but I managed to make it through. Thanks to Jenny and Jess everything got put away washed and organized all while I watched from the couch. I've been told to rest only.

So today I've had a few contractions here and there but I go in tomorrow for my ultrasound and to get checked again. We will see how big Liam is and go from there. Hopefully he will be big enough that my labor won't have to be controlled by the pill. I"m just really praying the Lord watches over both of us and that everything will work out.

There's the quick update. Not to formal just needed to get it down so that I can remember this. I'll update after the appointment tomorrow.

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