Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Liam's Latest Update

Today's 35 week appointment went well. I am now at 2 cm and still 80% effaced. So I have progressed half a cm over the past few days but nothing else. The doctor also suggested that I get off of the pill I've been on because of how lousy it has been making me feel. She says the pill won't stop labor it will just ease the discomfort, but I am not in active labor at this point. She seems to think that I may feel better without the pill and so I'm going to try and stay off it and see what happens. The contractions and cramping may come back but she has had women deal with those kind of things months before labor. She said that if I was earlier than 35 weeks she would be concerned but that she isn't concerned at this point and to take the pill if I didn't want to deal with the nagging idea of "should we go in" or "should we wait it out."

The ultrasound was perfect and Liam looks perfect in every way. I couldn't make out much in the pictures but he was keeping his hands in front of his face and wouldn't cooperate. Right now he weighs 5.8 lbs and she said that even if I carried him full term he would only be around 7 to 7.5 lbs. She also said that if I still felt this way at 38 weeks she would induce and he would be around 6.5 or a high 6 lbs baby. I was thrilled with that. Small baby :). . .

So now we wait. I'm not technically on bed rest. She just suggested that I take it easy and call if I can't handle the discomfort. Its hard to play a waiting game and not have any control over what your body is wanting to do. We are just praying he stays in a few more weeks and that I can handle the discomfort that comes along with it.

On a funny note she did say that there was a lot of amniotic fluid around him which was wonderful but that when my water broke it would be a huge gush not just a small leakage. So here I am a ticking time bomb just waiting to feel something or feel nothing. Being pregnant is a strange and wonderful thing all at the same time. So here's to waiting. . . .

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