Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beating the Devil

As trivial as it may seem, I am having oral surgery on Monday. I know it seems as if it's just a surgery to some, but I've truly struggled with anxiety and fear over the situation. But through the dread, I've learned that the devil's greatest snare's in my life are all associated around "what ifs"! These what ifs revolve around my constant fears that often seem absurd and never truly play out. So, I've been "coaching" myself if you will, to be strong and dependent upon the Lord for this circumstance. I'm hoping that I go into this with a confidence in my doctor and with a confidence that my God will be with me through it all. In a way, I want this to be a learning experience for myself. I want my faith to over power my fears. People always say to turn everything over to the Lord. I have to admit, I've had a hard time doing that in the past. No matter how hard I pray and and ask the fears to be taken away, they still plague my emotions and thoughts. I guess I've never realized how to completely release and trust the one who already knows the outcome and who would never leave me. So in a way, I'm praying that this surgery is a self renewing experience. One that allows me to see the strength the Lord can give and one that finally allows me the chance to completely turn something over depending utterly upon my faith! Not only will I loose the nagging literal pain within my mouth, but I will loose the fear that has been nagging me for the past year, and as a result, I will get out of the snares that the devil has bound me in. So I'm taking this situation head on, leaving the devil, with my snares, behind!!

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