Monday, March 31, 2008


Here I sit, a week after surgery. Still sitting and laying, sitting and laying. My house has reached its dirtiest. Well, according to me its dirtiest. I guess to others it still might be semi-clean. I've watched as many HGTV shows that could possibly air, and I am reaching the decorating point of no return. I've found myself contemplating my "style" and trying to figure out what I can do next in my own house. I guess that what's you get for lying around for a week. I wish I could just be complacent. At some point you have to be satisfied right? I guess not. Not in this country where style and greed control everything. That's another blog right? For now I'm just battling nausea, acute pain, and boredom.

Sitting here has humbled me. It has made me thankful for my husband. You wouldn't believe how wonderfully he has taken care of me. He has never left my side during any of this. He works so hard for us and yet still makes me feel unbelievably loved. It makes me thankful for my heavenly father as well.

I guess this blog really had no point other than its title. I'm just bored. Bored, but thankful!

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