Saturday, March 29, 2008

Enduring Pain

Enduring pain has been my trial for the week. After overcoming the fear of surgery, I've had to overcome the pain that follows it. The surgery itself was easy. It was nothing for me to lay in the chair and get slowly put to sleep. It was nothing for me simply because I didn't remember anything until Richard carried me to the bed. After I realized what had happened, the pain set in. After throwing up blood, bleeding for 24 hours, and being in a constant spaced out state, I realized just how traumatic the experience really was. I think everyone was being nice when they said "It's nothing" "You'll be fine"! I guess it's different for everyone. Here it is Saturday, five days after surgery, and I am still not feeling like myself. I have had to go back to the doctor twice and get three of my teeth or hole's packed because of dry sockets. Right now I am not in "pain" but I am uncomfortable with an aching and constant sense of pressure in my mouth, not to mention that the left side of my bottom lip is still numb. Needless to say, I have overcome my fear of surgery. I do not however wish this experience upon anyone else. The one thing I have learned after all this is that I am ready for labor! If I can go through this crying intense bloody pain for a week, I can certainly undergo labor with DRUGS! I guess it just has taught me that life has experiences that aren't necessarily enjoyable and that in two weeks, hopefully this will just be a thing of the past.

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